Photoshop is nothing new to most of us today. In fact, many of us use Photoshop in its many incarnations. Photoshop had been with us for around a very long time since its origination. It had its public release in March 1989, which has now become inevitable in most of our software. But do you know that Photoshop has got some hidden features that can make your photography experience more interesting?

In this article, you will read about some amazing Photoshop features which you would wish to know earlier.

  1. Droplets

There are plenty of essential shortcuts for your Photoshop actions, which you keep your computer or anywhere on your desktop. They give you a way to drag and drop your documents onto them; they also help you with triggering certain PS actions for you straight from your computer without even need of opening Photoshop.

You can simply create a droplet from the same action instead of opening each file individually and running the action in your Photoshop. Now, drop the full folder of pictures onto your computer. Automatically, this will run the action on all those images you have. This new Droplets feature in Photoshop is an amazing timesaver when it comes to tackling repetitive tasks and batch processing plenty of images.

  1. Transform Proportionally

Photoshop is legit, and its features are a legacy for professional photographers and photography obsessed people. Want to know about another hidden legacy feature? Well, then you must explore your default setting of its transform tool.

People often want to scale their transform tools proportionally. But, with Photoshop, the feature defaults to non-proportional transform. With this, you can spend sufficient time with a finger jammed down right on the shift key.

  1. Snapshots

Can you imagine snapshots inside Photoshop? Sounds great, right? These snapshots are, in fact, brief checkpoints for your progress. It is like the video game world where you can return to different points during your journey rather than going back to the start in case you make a mistake.

You can simply create a little snapshot of your work instead of saving them in multiple versions of your documents. The snapshots in Photoshop captures your document accurately, and you will find them when you switch back to a saved point with snapshots.

  1. Keep Cropped Pixels

Cropping is an integral feature of Photoshop. But some of us were upset and disappointed with the previous cropping of Photoshop. So, forget the old and switch to a better way to crop in Photoshop. It helps you to preserve your original images and layers, which may have fallen off-screen and save them for your later use.

  1. Symmetry mode

No, you cannot feel low on inspiration during photography. So, here it is. Recently an additional feature has been added into Photoshop CC, which is Symmetry mode. It works with Mixer brush, paintbrush, and eraser tools.

By clicking on the butterfly icon in the options bar, you can draw with your strokes or paint. The paints or stokes will be reflected across several lines of symmetry live. It will automatically create detailed symmetrical patterns quickly from random scrawls.

  1. Multiple Undo

People got highly used to it with Photoshop’s non-standard way of handling Undo. And thus, many of us still did not notice one of the coolest features of Photoshop CC 2019, Multiple Undo. So, get your Photoshop update immediately, and you can hit the Undo shortcut as much as you like. Now, you need not worry about starting over again, and you can simply continue from there where it all went wrong.

  1. Live Blend Mode Preview

Do you that you can dramatically alter your images by merely switching the blend modes? However, it requires a lot of experimentation, patience, and experience. The latest hidden feature of Photoshop CC is equipped with the blend mode preview function. It makes it easy for you to hover the cursor over a particular blend mode option for a live preview on the canvas of the effect before you can click on the chosen option.

  1. Content-Aware Fill

Another best yet most useful feature which very few people knew about Photoshop CC, which is the updated content-aware fill. Though, previously this function was generating some unwanted effects such as wrapping horizon beyond recognition and spawning additional limbs. But take a look at the new one. The latest feature takes you back into the driving seat and providing you at least a few controls over the entire process.

  1. Batch

Since prospects of processing pictures in batches have become a fascinating proposition, therefore, Photoshop had got something to offer. Photoshop brings a variety of assembly-line-style actions which you can find under File>Automate.

It also includes additional shadows and vignettes and also creates HDR and Panoramas. When you set up and use your own actions, the real value of batching comes up. It allows you to perform blanket edits across plenty of images, cropping, or resolution and changing colour space.

  1. Increase UI Size

If you realize that you don’t have enough UI support on your favorite apps and it cannot handle the massive screen resolutions of your HD display or 4K? Of course not. But don’t worry, as Photoshop won’t let you down as it is always ready for your gigantic monitor.

So, whenever you plugin, set the font size to large and tick the box in order to scale the UI to the font. We must be thankful to that additional option that scales the UI in order to get matched with its font size.

The above-mentioned are ten amazing Photoshop features that only a few people knew. Now, it is time for you to explore and experience these amazing Photoshop features.

Final Words

So far, people could do some limited fun with Photoshop until they discovered the amazing hidden features of Photoshop. Photoshop is an overflowing treasure of a plethora of tools, filters, and adjustments. It is continuously developing with the improvement of user experience, fascinating daily updates, and making it usable for many audiences.


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