Adobe Photoshop is considered a resource heavy application. Sometimes it automatically becomes slow. In case any person is already using the computer with a considerable amount of files or pictures then your computer should store important data in the room. It includes lots of things like files & its history. However, you should restart the computer that can also work especially when lots of applications are already running in the background. The performance of Photoshop is totally impacted by whatever is running in the background. Just in case system utility or different application has completely crashed then it will surely affect how Photoshop runs, but if you are restarting the computer, then it can fix issues.

Just in case Photoshop is continually running the slow or crash after restarting the computer, then things automatically become a little bit trickier. It is highly recommended that you should install the latest version of the Photoshop that will solve a lot of issues. Following are 8 important methods that will help you in solving a lot of issues in the Adobe Photoshop.

  • Update the Photoshop application

If you are continually facing problem while using the Adobe Photoshop, then you should tap on the help section where you should tap on the updates section. After that, you can automatically update the Photoshop application. However, you should make the use of creative cloud and tap on the update feature that will automatically update all the applications. Make sure that you are choosing an up-to-date version of the application that will fix the bugs.

  • Reset the preferences

Just in case Photoshop isn’t behaving as you expected then it would be better to resent the preferences. A person will be surely able to restore the Photoshop application to its default state. All you need to delete settings file of the Adobe Photoshop.

  • Disable the plugin

Majority of the folks are already facing a lot of crashes related issues due to Third-party plugin. If you haven’t updated the application, then you will surely face a lot of problems. In order to check if plug-ins are causing then you should tap on the skip loading the optional. All you need to make the use of Photoshop & see if the problem is still occurs. You will have to update the plugins that will eradicate further issues.

  • Settings

If you are one who needs the snappiest performance from Photoshop, then a person will able to enhance the amount of system resources. It isn’t fixing any crashes but it will able to speed up general work and antique tools. You should click on edit and preferences, after that you should check the performance. This particular application is incorporated with three sets of the settings-

  • Usage of memory

A person should make the control of RAM that Photoshop will use. If you are already frustrated with the speed of Photoshop, then you should enhance the memory of Photoshop that will run a little bit quicker.

  • Customization of Graphic processor settings

You should tap on the use Graphics processor option that will enable to Photoshop to use it. You will find three levels in the advance settings like Basic, Normal or advance that will automatically enhance workload that you have put on the GPU. Make sure that you are starting with advance, but if you have any problem, then you should click on the Normal or basic. If your system is supporting the graphics card, then you should click on the Use OpenCL.

  • Cache & history

It will surely determine how much important details Photoshop is storing in the RAM. When you are configuring the system, then you will have to take three optimize buttons into account. A person can also manually customize the history state, cache levels & Cache Tile size. If you are improving the level of cache and making the use of smaller cache tiles, then it will surely speed up the system.

After customizing these things, you should restart Photoshop. These important changes will surely improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the system.

  • Issues with Monitors

Photoshop is always taking a considerable amount of computation to disclose the edits that you are already making in the real-time. It is doubly true when you are making the use of a bigger external monitor along with an underpowered computer. Just in case, everything is completely lagging when you are attached to a large screen then you should disconnect it. It is highly recommended that a person should customize the resolution on a bigger display.

  • Regularly update the computer.

Photoshop is already fully optimized to run on the low-end machines. If Photoshop is continually slowing down, then it is your responsibility to update the computer with system requirements and a powerful graphics card. These things will improve the overall efficiency of the system.

  • Use purge

If you are working on the pictures, then Photoshop’s automatically keep the important data for undo, history & clipboard. In order to free up the RAM, then a person should tap on the edit and Purge. You will able to purge the video cache. If you are using the purge, then you will surely delete the history. A person will not be able to undo the latest changes. If you are making a mistake, then you can also use the undo option.

  • Limitations of File size

Along with these important improvements, there are a lot of important files that you will able to load before Photoshop starts to the slow down. If you want to prevent this from the happenings, then it is your responsibility to work with an important file size that you always require for the project. A person can reduce the size of the file.

Additionally, Photoshop is considered as one of the great image editing application that doesn’t run in the isolation. There are so many powerful things are out there that is supporting Photoshop. If you want to improve the performance of Photoshop, then a person should follow these important things.


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