Creating portraits on canvas was a task carried out by skilled artists only. It was not a hobby that one could relaxingly indulge into. Painting a portrait was a fairly expensive affair. It was also dependent on the availability of brushes, the canvas of the right sizes, paints, and so on and so forth.

Things started to alter in 1988 when brothers Thomas and John Knoll created a designing tool which was later sold to Adobe Systems in 1989, who later renamed the tool as ‘Photoshop.’ Since then, there was no looking back. The digital world welcomed this software with open arms.

The software instantly became one of the most favourite tools for creative minds all over the world. You need not get your hands dirty anymore to give your portraits a touch of your ideas. The software covers a lot of benefits, along with saving time. The benefits are as follows:

  • Inexpensive
  • Readjust Colors
  • Clear Out Blemishes
  • Crop Images
  • Optimize Photos for different portals
  • Helps to create images

With Photoshop making its debut, many opportunities were discovered. Everyone is aware of how limited opportunities are for people who have exceptional dreams. An artist often felt bound to specific options when it came to showcasing his/her talents. Waiting for an exhibition to come your way can be extremely challenging.

The Internet, however, made the world much smaller. It brought together seekers and onlookers. Now an artist could create his/her art digitally and send it online to various art galleries that could post them on their website. It is no secret that online visibility can give you more recognition than people visiting art galleries.

Let us take a peek at the new opportunities that flourished with Photoshop in the digital market:

  • Website Designing

It is a digital era. New websites are launched every day. The effort that goes behind developing a website is un-measurable. It is believed that the first impression is an everlasting one. If a website cannot increase visitor’s engagement, then the content is of no use. Photoshop is the sole software that could render a website the desired look, which may help to increase visibility. A web designer is bound to take the help of the software to put colours and layouts together for a specific website.

  • Logo Designing

In the age of marketing, logo designing is extremely paramount. If a business owner wants to stand out in this competitive market, the logo needs to be attractive. It is an artist’s work to make use of the limited space and design for the most unique logo. A logo designer depends on the features of Photoshop to create unique shapes and layouts.

  • For Advertisements

Social media marketing is on the increase with each passing day. Every other day, you may come across social media campaigns that wish to spread their word with unique posters. These posters couldn’t have been made without taking the help of Photoshop. Designers resort to Photoshop to insert quotes and pictures on different layouts to justify the motive of the campaigns. The more appropriate the design is, the better reach a campaign is expected to get.

  • Quality Graphic Designing

One of the most commonly perused careers is of a graphic designer. He/she is able to create completely new designs from scratch. The beautiful shadow effects, rain effects, etc. are all done with the help of Photoshop.

Today, graphic designers are not only limited to designing content for websites; they have spread their wings to different industries. We all love to wear graphic tees with quirky quotes on them. Little do we know that dedicated graphic designers do designs with the help of Photoshop.

From the list above, it can be rightly said that to become an artist, you might not have to invest in expensive tools rather than just on the software.

With Photoshop, you can sit back at home and complete your assignments with all ease. One does not need a studio, but a simple laptop that supports Photoshop, and your project will be completed in no time.

Dedication is in-born. You do not need to invest in dedication. Therefore, if you wish to become an artist, you have to be dedicated to learning the dos and don’ts of Photoshop. There are too many tools to use on that software. From readjusting to downloading pictures into different formats, the software offers a lot of options that one needs to learn with utmost dedication.

Just like an artist with a paintbrush in hand needs to learn about the usage of different colours on his/her palette, a designer using Photoshop is no less than an artist. He/she needs to have in-depth knowledge about layouts and designs. If a paintbrush is the identity of a painter, then the cursor of the mouse could be rightly claimed as the identity of a Photoshop designer.

If one wishes to expand his/her opportunities as an acclaimed artist, then using digital tools in the era of digitalization would be the smartest choice. As a Photoshop user, one could also play with a splash of different filters and layouts. The choices are more varied with a chance to re-touch the mistakes again. Images can be formatted according to the requirements of the client.

One can revisit the image or graphic at any time of the day to make requisite changes. As soon as the work is completed, a designer can easily save the picture from Photoshop and upload it everywhere on the internet.

The days of carrying around a heavy canvas are over. Now with Photoshop, one can easily save their portfolio on their phones and laptops. An artist should not be bound by place or environment. Therefore, in such situations, when you are traveling via train, and an idea pops in your mind, all a designer has to do is, open the laptop to use the software to include that feature onto the image.

Things have changed now, and it is time that people move on from their traditional ways to accept a conventional life.


Stacy Lee is an eccentric writer and an avid traveler. She loves to explore new books and locations with her pooch

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