What is RSI? According to Wikipedia, RSI stands for ‘repetitive strain injury’. Wikipedia states the injury in question can occur to any part of the skeletal or nervous system that sees over, or repeated use.

Does this sound pretty benign? Believe me, it’s not. Repetitive strain injury can be extremely painful and can make other tasks in your daily life difficult, or impossible, to complete. While both have similarities, read about how a sprain differs from a strain. A sprain, says Wikipedia, is a torn ligament. A sprain happens all at once, and not over time like a strain. Sprains, while requiring more short-term rest and recovery, once healed tend not to cause any further issues (though can be weaker more likely to sprain than before). Sprains, even the less serious ones, have the potential to have longer-term rest and recovery periods than sprains and often return when aggravated by external stimulus.

How to avoid a Repetitive Strain Injury

A lot of us spend our days attached to technology; whether that be a phone, laptop, gaming console, tablet, or any other device. Technology isn’t designed for long term use and often causes repetitive strain injuries from the amount we use them. To combat this, here are a few things you can do:

Put your phone down

I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to this, especially with Among Us out. But, with that said, taking regular breaks from holding your phone will really help keep RSI away. Buy a phone stand!

Invest in ergonomic items

Ergonomic items, such as gaming controllers, mouses, and furniture, are specially made to fit the human body. For example, the generic mouses used for laptops and computers aren’t good for your wrist; many people get RSI this way. An ergonomic mouse, however, is designed to mimic your body’s natural positioning, preventing RSI.

So there you have it, look after your body, and buy some ergonomic stuff to stave off RSI.


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