Photoshop is at the forefront of all editing programs. Whenever we see an edited image, we say the image is photoshopped. Therefore, we people are very much familiar with this word, and many people want to learn Photoshop. If you are one of those interested people who would like to gain Photoshop skills, check out this piece of content. Here, you will come to know about some easiest techniques for learning Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop is considered to be a doorway to many prosperous careers. In photography and graphic design, knowing Photoshop is a must. The front end developers can go a long way with their Photoshop skills. But now the question is, how can you learn Photoshop? What is the easiest way to learn this editing program? To find an answer to these questions, let’s check out the tips below –

  1. Start with the basics of graphic design

Before you start learning Photoshop, you must gain knowledge in graphic design. It is considered to be a fundamental principle of Photoshop, and if you would like to gain excellence in this editing program, you need to be a pro in graphic design.

  1. Know about Photoshop workspace

Adobe is a program which will alone take you to the workspace of Photoshop. If you want to be a master in Photoshop, you should start with how to utilize the workspace brilliantly. Once you become familiar with its basic principles, you can learn about how to use custom Photoshop workspace. For better assistance, you can follow video tutorials online, which will help you understand the functioning of each Photoshop tool.

  1. Choose one tool a day

The basic Photoshop tools which are displayed on the left side may look narrow, but there exist a lot of hidden tools once you click on the little arrow. There are near about 65 tools systematized for cropping, selection, slicing, drawing, painting, retouching, etc.

So, you need to familiarize yourself with each tool, but make sure you choose one tool at a time. Otherwise, you may get puzzled. Learning one tool at a time will not make you feel overawed, and it is a great way to memorize keyboard shortcuts of Photoshop.

  1. Learn about Photoshop microskill

Adobe Photoshop is an important program that every photographer must learn to represent their images in a beautiful way. But are you aware of its video editing feature? Well, Photoshop offers a great platform where you can process or edit videos, typography posters, email, newsletters, and T-shirts as well. Surprised? Don’t be. Learning Photoshop microskill will make you a pro in this editing program.

  1. Follow an expert in Photoshop

This is probably the easiest way to learn Photoshop. Well, finding a real-world mentor can be a bit difficult, but you can easily find a virtual mentor who has gained excellence in Photoshop. Choose an area in which you would like to master and search for the expert who has specialized in this respective field. For example, if your interested area is digital painting, and you want to learn its skills, you should look for a digital artist who offers digital painting tutorial classes online.

  1. Take challenges on Photoshop microjobs

You must judge your Photoshop skill from time to time by taking up microjobs challenges. Doing these microjobs will not only enhance your skill, but it will also help you earn some money in your spare time. You may not be ready to take competitive projects initially. So why not taking up these smaller tasks as a testing ground to see whether you can meet the challenge or not.

These microjob assignments are very simple. For example, you may be asked to remove the background from a photo or restore an old photo. This is an easy approach to learn Photoshop, but all these tasks come with a responsibility to complete within a stipulated time frame. Initially, your Photoshop portfolio may not look so attractive, but you need to start at some time from somewhere.

  1. Take up a 30-day challenge

The duration of a challenge does not matter much than the habit of learning, but the 30-day challenge is good as the time period is not too long and not too short. Moreover, a month is easier to judge your skill in the right way.

What is the Shortcut Way to Learn Photoshop?

The shortcut way of learning Photoshop is to acquaint yourself with the keyboard shortcuts that will enhance your overall productivity. However, this is not the only way to learn Photoshop. More than thousands of online videos and tutorials are available to gain knowledge in Photoshop. All you need is interest and dedication to making yourself a master in this program. Along with this, you also should not forget the value of the practice. Choose a few images and start modifying them with own creativity. This is an excellent process of learning.

How Much Time Does It Take to Become a Master in Photoshop?

It is known to everyone that the learning area of Photoshop is vast, and one may get confused quickly with its uncountable tools and techniques. So how much time it takes to become a master in Photoshop. Well, it entirely depends on your learning skill. If you can get well-acquainted with the fundamentals of Photoshop first before getting into advanced areas, you may be able to learn its basics quickly.

Now the question is how much time it takes to get well-acquainted with the fundamentals of Photoshop. If you are an avid learner, you can easily learn its fundamentals in a week. By giving consistent effort for three or four days, you will get comfortable with the basic functions of Photoshop. Therefore, it can rightly be said that it will not take much time to learn Photoshop.

But before you start learning, you should make sure that you choose a good resource. The internet is flooded with Photoshop tutorial videos, but not all of them are an excellent resource for learning. You need to make the selection carefully.


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