Photoshop styles are the incredible art that helps users to attain the expected look which can be made through objects, text, shape, vector, photos and illustrations. Using them perfectly is imperative as if used imperfectly, it can slow down the speed and performance of Photoshop. People often get confused between the Microsoft styles and Photoshop; Microsoft styles are a collection of minor effects like shows, glowing halos, shadows and attributes like bold, underline, italic whereas Photoshop styles include images, text and the layers can be styled and decorated.

Accessing Photoshop Styles is quite easy as these can be accessed from the Styles panel. Users can simply add Photoshop styles to the Photoshop desktop with the help of the Windows tab. All you need to do is Select Windows then Styles, and then the panel becomes visible. Photoshop tends to provide styles in its four categories to get started, which are: Basic, Fur, Fabric and Natural.

Why and how are the Photoshop Styles useful?

Photoshop styles add effects to your simple designs. When it is applied, a layer style is allied to the contents of the layer, and this makes applying effects easier. When the user tries to move or edit a specific layer, the layer style is applied to all the customized contents. The Photoshop Styles are quite versatile as they allow the user to make an unlimited number of experiments. It is done to help the user to easily move from one style to another and apply different layers and styles. This tool is so fun and once installed, can be quite helpful.

How to install Photoshop Layer Styles?

There is not a single but a couple of methods that can be used to install Photoshop Layer Styles.

  1. Users who are new to this and don’t have any layer styles can get a set from the market as there is a wider selection available.
  2. You need to download the zip file that contains the contents of the file and style. Unzip the contents and know the folders that contain other few files. From the entire files, look for the one with .ASL file extension.
  3. You can quickly install the Photoshop Styles by dragging the .ASL file to the Photoshop window of your desktop. Another method to install layer style is to go to the menu bar, select Edit then Presets and then Preset Manager. Select styles from the Preset Manager from the dropdown list; add the styles by using the “Load” button.
  4. Style can also be loaded directly from Style palette that is available in the dropdown menu of Photoshop.

And this is how you install the Photoshop Layer Styles. The styles are now loaded to Photoshop, and you can use them by knowing the below-mentioned points.

Let us move further and know how to use Photoshop Styles:

Understanding how to use the Photoshop Styles is an exciting task as once you gain knowledge on how they work, and you can work better. Photoshop Styles can help you enhance your images and text to keep them off the screen and page. It is not easy to learn the Editing styles, but once you start learning it, it is no more complicated. Before starting, users need to ensure that the Styles panels and combination Layers are shown on the computer screen.

  1. Open a Photoshop file i.e., 8 x 10 x 300ppi.
  2. Open the text tool and on the top type Photoshop Styles. There is a huge variety of thick fonts like Gil Sans Ultra Bold, Impact, Franklin Gothic Heavy, Rockwell Extra Bold or Broadway. Keep the size of the font to 60 points. These fonts are available with Adobe, and you must have them in your system.
  3. Replicate for three times and using all-caps make two of them.
  4. Located the cursor on the Photoshop Styles in the Layers panel and select the Styles tab.
  5. Look and know the wide variety of style icons and select one and give it a try.

How to edit Photoshop layer Styles?

To edit your first layer style, select the Style named “Tile”. You will notice that this style has a three-dimensional look, sculptured but the color and the background is white. Let us know how to change the color:

To change the Color:

  1. Visit the Layers tab and right-click on the layer known as Photoshop Styles. You can click on the dropdown list and select the Blending options.
  2. Click on the word color available in the left panel. From the color picker dialog, choose a dark blue color and click OK.
  3. You need to change the Opacity bar now. Slide it from 31% to 100% and then click OK.

To change the drop shadow:

  1. Click on the Layers tab and choose the layer known as Photoshop Styles2 and from the dropdown list select Blending options.
  2. Click the Drop Shadow from the left panel. Shift the Distance slider available in the centre of the panel from 7px to 20px. Further on shift the Spread slider from 13% to 23% and down the size from 16 to 10.
  3. You need to uncheck the option of Use Global Light and modify the angle of the light to 120 degrees. Click OK.

To change the Stroke:

  1. Click on the Layers tab and choose the layer known as Photoshop Styles2 by right-clicking the layer. From the dropdown list, choose the Blending options.
  2. Click on Stroke from the left panel. Choose Stroke> Structure, and you must change the size of it to 6 points and then set the position to inside from outside.
  3. Choose the fill type under Stroke and change it to color and then select any color and click OK.

There are plentiful of things in the Photoshop Layer Styles. You can grab knowledge on how to install and use them specifically from the points mentioned above. Also, to learn the layer styles, you need to keep experimenting with them. These are highly useful in speeding up the workflow, and you can rely on them to make your designs beautiful.


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