With the rapid releases of new smartphone models, it can be hard to know which device you should upgrade to, the recent release of the Google Pixel 2 seems to be one of the hottest phones on the market right now but I’m here to go through this veratilephone’s features to see if this really is the case. The thing about Google Pixel phones is that even though they are on their second model they are a pretty new phone brand when you look at how long the competition has been around.



One of the most important things on your phone in my opinion would have to be the screen, if the screen is not the right size or quality for what you want to use your mobile device for then it is likely that you are not going to enjoy your experience with the phone. If you are someone that is looking for a good entertainment device then the Google Pixel 2 is the one for you, it has a durable gorilla glass coating to protect the high-quality multi-contrast screen.


Camera Quality

The camera on this phone is also very high quality with a twelve-point two-megapixel camera on the rear, this camera provides high definition photos and four k video recording capabilities. These top specifications would be perfect for someone who enjoys being able to capture high-quality content without having to carry an extra device. If you are a budding photographer you will be very happy with the camera quality on this phone and the included editing software has been rated as one of the best in the industry so you can touch up your photos to a professional standard.


CPU and Gaming

The great thing about the development of the smartphones we all know and love today is the fact that they are basically portable computers with just as much processing power. If you are someone who likes a sharp performance or if you enjoy playing mobile games then this may be the phone for you. The processing power within the Pixel 2 is up to scratch with some of the best releases this year, showing that Google is not playing around when it comes to providing a professional-grade experience with their phones.



One of the main issues with having such high-quality components in a device is that they can reduce the battery life and reduce the time it takes for your phone to die, as many of us have such a busy lifestyle having to repeatedly charge your phone is not an option. Don’t worry as the Google Pixel 2 is fully equipped with a strong battery capable of lasting around fourteen hours when it is used excessively, for me this is an okay battery life especially when you consider how much this phone can do. If you ever need a pixel 2 battery replacement then the parts are very affordable and accessible so getting a new battery fitted should be an easy process.



One of the biggest misconceptions about buying a Pixel phone is that you will no longer have access to the traditional Android Google Play Store, while it is true that we may be seeing a software update where you can get apps through other means, all Pixel phones come with a guaranteed three years access to the normal app store. If you enjoy using the older app store then you have it guaranteed that you will be able to do so for three years.


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