The idea of search engines may seem intimidating at first glance, but it is an extremely straightforward and integral part of the world of search engines. When you think of search engines, you may simply think of inputting a question into google and then browsing the most popular answers that appear at the top of the web page. But how do these options appear at the top of the page and how does google know what is most relevant to your search? It may seem like a confusing process and rightly so, though the processes of search engines are straightforward once you understand all of the elements, someone who has no experience with how they work can understandably be puzzled.


What you may not know is that search engines use bots and other tools to ensure that you have the best answers to any questions that you may have. Here is how the magical world of search engines work.



The first step for storing information for any search engine is using bots of crawlers to scour the internet and take note of relevant pages. This works by searching up key terms or phrases that relate to certain searches and categorizing them. Not only will these bots/crawlers look over the actual content, but they will also look over the code to make sure the site is safe. Something that can unfortunately happen is that hackers and virus producers may use key terms and safe looking content to try and improve its ranking in a search engine. By looking at the actual URL code, the bot is able to get an idea of whether or not the page is safe and if it is not it will not rank it higher.


The main way that bots find new URLs is by looking back at pages that they already know exist and extracting any links that they may find on there and link it to the shared topic of the original page.



After completing the crawling process, bots will create an index of the new sites that they have found.  Once a page has been indexed, it will start to appear as a result of any relevant questions or searches.  Indexing is slightly more complicated than it may appear at first, but it is a very important part of the search engine process. Indexing not only files any page, but it also takes apart the page and finds any keywords or phrases, and stores it alongside the actual page. This makes searching for all of the relevant pages much faster as instead of having to search through billions of search options, it is instead limited to those that fall under all of the relevant key terms.



For any page owner, ranking is one of the most important parts of the search engine process. A site is ranked by how relevant it is to the query that has been searched along with a number of other classifications. There are too many classifications to list, but the classifications are usually based on locality and relevancy to the question. The traffic to a page is also a good indication of how highly the page will be ranked, as if a page has a lot of traffic, this usually means that it is relevant to the search.



If you are someone with a page or business that wants to improve your search engine position, you may ask for the assistance of an SEO company. This is completely understandable as knowing what to do to become more popular in the search engine takes a long time and a lot of resources that you may not have. I found myself in the same position when I was trying to improve the ranking of my own page online, I didn’t want to make any changes without being educated on the matter so I went with an seo company in Perth instead of doing it myself. For me, this was the best option as they already knew how to work with the search engine and it also meant that I could invest time in other aspects of my business.


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