Adobe Photoshop is said to be the most popular editing software. It is used in all types of web designing, and editing works. In graphic design and photography, this software is used extensively. With this software, you can restore any old and damaged photo and preserve it for a lifetime.

Not only this, but it also helps in beautifying personal photos, removing the messy background, enhancing image quality, glamour retouching, and so on. Small or big, any flaws in the photographs can easily be removed by it. In the web designing field, adobe photoshop is regarded as a revolution in the era of image manipulation. Digital painting or image editing has undergone a complete change after the inception of photoshop.

It is one of the most popular tools used by web designers. However, if you are a newbie in the field of web designing, you must gain good command in photoshop software. The learning area of this software is vast, and therefore, it may take a few months to gain a good grasp in photoshop.

To learn this editing software, the internet offers the best platform. The online platform is flooded with more than thousands of tutorial videos. But not all of them are a good source of learning. You need to make sure that the source of learning materials is good and authentic.

Photoshop offers plenty of multi-tasking tools and options with the help of which an ordinary image can be made outstanding. But one should be capable of performing photo editing by using powerful photoshop tools and techniques.

If you want to gain a promising career in the field of web designing, you must have sound knowledge of some useful photoshop tools. Here, in this blog, you will come to know about the top five adobe photoshop tools and techniques. Let’s have a look at them –

Top Five photoshop tools

  1. Selection tool

It is the very first step of the photoshop program and one of the most popular tools. A beginner must be introduced to the concept of selection. This tool is used for a number of reasons. But above all these, a correct selection is a must.

Here, in this editing software, the selection means choosing some specific pixels. You may also say that pixels may get sorted out because of selection. A designer can do a lot of things by using this selection tool, such as moving pixels, resizing images, changing colors, and so on.

Adobe Photoshop offers two types of selection tools – one is a direct selection tool, and the other is path selection. Each of these tools performs its own set of functions. For example, you can create a path by using the pen tool or any other tool. Now, if you would like to remove the path, you can use the path selection tool to remove the path.

  1. Masking tool

It is also one of the most popular photoshop tools. But many experts believe that before one starts using this tool, he must understand what this masking tool is and what its functions are. When we use a command to hide or show pixels in photoshop, we are actually using this tool.

A mask helps to hide pixels of a photograph. At the same time, the opposite can also happen, like showing pixels. Photoshop offers a number of masking tools such as Alpha channel masking, layer masking, and so on.

  1. Brush tools

Hearing the word brushes, the very first thing that comes to our mind is painting. Isn’t it? But this brushing tool in photoshop is not predictably related to that. It should better be termed as a very useful digital painting application. For image manipulation, the brush tool works truly wonder. For adjustment layers and masking, the brush tool plays an important role.

There are different types of brush tools available used for different types of works, such as healing spot brush, history brush, and brush tool. Besides these pre-set tools, you can also upload your own type of brush, which will enable you to produce more outstanding works.

  1. Adjustment layers

It is an important tool of photoshop program. It has been used for a number of reasons. In order to make changes to the pixel’s tone, color, brightness, and contrast, this tool plays an important role. For converting any image, the adjustment layer plays an important role. It helps the designers to add any type of effect to various layers.

How to use this adjustment layer tool 

For using this tool, you need to open some images in various layers on the same canvas –

  • Go to the layer panel and choose a layer
  • Then click on the layer musk button
  • Use this adjustment tool as per your choice. You can use either white or black to the layer to reveal or hide any part of the layer.

You can use a layer mask for any type of project. Incorporate them in your editing list tool for creating outstanding results. Some beginners do not understand when to use this tool because of their lack of knowledge. Instead of using this tool, they go for the eraser tool. Therefore, one should learn the difference between an eraser tool and a layer mask.

  1. Control-S

One should learn the difference between to save and save as. Since quality matters to everyone, before you save your file and close, you need to consider a few things first –

  • Why do you need this file?
  • Where can You store it?
  • Which format do you need to save it?
  • How to save the file for the best quality?

The printed materials like photographs and digital paintings require a high-resolution file format. One needs to go through the printing guidelines properly to understand the important settings like color modes, which help to navigate the scenarios. Save your file in a location where you can access quickly and easily. Photoshop may show an error if a file lots its certain elements.

Therefore, make sure that you keep everything together and in one place.

When you know the purpose of your image, you can proceed to save the image in the right format and size. Many designers prefer to save their work in various formats for the ease of flexibility.

For doing photoshop of any image or to enhance its quality, the experts mainly depend on their own creativity and interest. In the case of photoshop, creativity plays an important role. Therefore, anyone who knows the usage of these above-mentioned tools can acclaim himself as an expert in Photoshop.


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