Photoshop styles are the style effects that can change the appearance of the layer. The styles are usually used for the images, background, text effects and much more. The Photoshop layer styles can be applied on various effects to your designs. It is quite fun to use this tool as it allows unlimited experiments on which you can move from using different styles and can shift your content without even changing the styles.  This tool is versatile and allows you to add a layer style to the contents of the layer.

Photoshop is considered as the best editing tool, but the only issue is it is only available with Mac OS and Windows. The Linux and Chrome OS users need to look for an alternative of Photoshop, and it is definitely a challenging task. You don’t need to worry as we have bought you some amazing Photoshop alternatives which are available for Chromebook. Those really great Chromebook extensions are GIMP on rollApp, Pixlr, Sumo Paint, iPiccy and Polarr that can be used as an alternative of Photoshop. Let us gain knowledge about the features and working of the alternatives of Photoshop.

The best substitutes of Photoshop

  1. Pixlr Editor

One of the best alternatives of Photoshop for Chromebook is Pixlr. You can find Pixlr-o-Matic, Pixlr Editor, and Pixlr Express on Chrome Web. This editor is the one that works the same as Adobe Photoshop and provides the same feel, functionality and look. Even when you use it, you will get to see the Chrome Interface on the top, and you can get rid of it. Technically, to eliminate that interface, you need to select a view than a full screen. Once you open this editor app in Full-screen, you cannot be multi-tasking. You cannot switch to other things in between using it. There are many disadvantages or things that you can’t perform with Pixlr Editor.

There are many things that can do your work. This editor offers a number of tools that GIMP provides like move, crop, lasso, pencil, pen, marques, brush, and quickly select etc. the big requirement of users that want advanced level editing can be possible with Pixlr Editor as it supports layers.

  1. iPiccy Photo Editor

iPiccy is a photo editing application that offers easy-to-use tools for editing pictures through advanced image processing. This application provides an easy user interface to users for editing pictures by allowing users to pick images easily from a file folder or any website. There is an amazing number of photo-editing tools offered by iPiccy like rotate, crop, auto-fix, color adjustment, resize and sharpen in real-time. This photo editing app can be used to change simple photos into masterpieces with wonderful special effects like vignette, pencils, liquify, painter and many more.

  1. Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr is considered a fantastic alternative for Chromebook. It is an offline app and is considered different from other applications as it is somewhat different from Photoshop. It doesn’t support layers and is like Adobe Lightroom. You might have used other photo editing tools, but if you want some easy to use amazingly made filters, then you must choose Polarr Editor. Serious photographers highly prefer Polarr as it supports raw image format. You can apply various presets or filters to your photos to get the final picture as per your preference.

  1. GIMP by rollApp

GIMP is a graphics editor that works as an editing tool and image retouching. It allows free-form of drawing and has the feature to accomplish the imperative editing tasks like editing, cropping photos, resizing. It also provides the facility to convert the images into different formats. This editing tool is highly used to produce animated images which are in GIF format. It has encyclopedic abilities, and this is the reason why it is considered as the main purposeful drop-in substitute for Photoshop. It has similar features, and user interface as Adobe Photoshop. This amazing graphics editor is powered by rollApp and to use it you need only to log in and start editing.

  1. Fotor Photo Editor

An amazing online photo editing app that makes photo creative is Fotor Photo Editor. This photo editing application features photo effects, photo frames, photo collage, color splash, photo retouching, text, photo cards, tilt-shift and many more. It isn’t similar to Adobe Photoshop as it is a basic app with few features, but you must give it a try. Users who don’t want so many features and need simple editing app must go for it. It doesn’t mean that it has fewer features so it is not useful, as “you must never judge a book by its cover”. It has some amazing features that you can get to know once you start using it.

  1. Psykopaint

Psykopaint is another wonderful photo painting application that allows you to paint photos by offering you color choices. You can pick any one brush from 6 brushes and can start painting your pictures. The colors are automatically selected by the application for pictures that will suit them. This photo painting app provides some unique and remarkable results that will make you fall in love with the picture and application. It is not like other editing software that is based on filters, and it works by creating the colors of the genuine photo to produce a new image. Pyskopaint provides a substitute for the manipulation techniques of images and can be measured as absent like in between the painting software and photo-editing software.

There are numerous photos of editing application available for operating systems. The most famous Photoshop is not available for Chrome; it is imperative to find out the best alternatives. You can check the above-mentioned amazing alternatives of Photoshop that can be used for Chromebooks. Each photo editing software has its own features, and you can choose the one that fits best to your needs. You will get the wonderful features by using these alternatives and can turn your simple picture into an incredible masterpiece.


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