A good photographer knows how it is important to keep his data safe. When he goes out on an assignment or project, he makes all the preparations in order to store his photos in secure file management. When you get started as a photographer, you need to spend time behind the lens, taking photos and then uploading and processing images. After shooting an eight-hour wedding, there are more than thousands of images that they need to manage and backup. It is not easy to manage so many images, and that’s why you should pay appropriate attention to the same.

A wedding cannot be recreated, so losing wedding photos would be devastating for everyone in attendance. And that’s why you should always try to stay organized and protect your data. Most companies have data losses from time to time due to hard drives fail, and the computer program gets corrupted. It is one of the reasons why they should try to store the data in a safe manner. With the help of this, they can avoid numerous problems. Most of the photographers are using Photoshop to edit the pictures and to enhance their colours.

Well, Photoshop is one of the most essential tools for photographers of all level of ability. When it comes to using it for the first time, you may feel confused due to the availability of various buttons, sliders and other assorted tools. After knowing where to begin, you can use it to do professional-grade image manipulations and adjustments. Photoshop has all the tools that you require to get the job done. You should learn everything related to this tool before start editing your pictures in a professional manner.

Essential things photographers need to know

Photoshop is imaging and graphic design software which is used by thousands of people from all around the world. It can be used not only for photos but also for designing websites, editing videos and creating 3D artwork. It is important to download the software onto your device to get started. Make sure your Photoshop version is working properly in your device, and you are strong the images in a secure manner. If it got corrupted, then there is a need to install the software again. You won’t find the presets or other data stored in the software. Due to this, you may also have data loss and other problems.

When you install a new version of the editing program onto your device, then you will find a migration option. It helps to copy the necessary files and also look for any older version of the software. It is important to store the files on adobe’s creative cloud server. Sometimes, people lose their creative cloud details, or they get locked out of their accounts. Without having an internet connection, it is impossible to access your create cloud and migrate anything over. And it is the main reason why you should play safe and try to back up all the plug-ins, presets and settings to easily access the same later.

So what you need to backup?

If you are using photoshop, then there are several things that you need to back up in a safe manner. Before taking your steps forward, you need to know about the numerous things that are well worth backing up. You should always back up the data so that you can recover it later in a right manner. When you don’t know what you have changed or installed on your program, then you should export them. Here are the 4 Photoshop backups which all photographers need to do

  • Presets

When you use photoshop, there are many presets that you create by yourself or download from the internet. Usually, presets include all the things like workspaces, brushes, gradients and patterns. Instead of losing all the important presets, you need to have a backup of the same. You can also export presets for which you need to click on the edit tab and then choose the option of export presets. All you need to select the desired presets and then you can move them to the presets to export column. After this, you can easily import the presets whenever you want by following some simple steps. You can select a file or import everything at once.

  • Plug-ins

Plug-ins are considered third-party add-on programs that helps to give additional functions to Photoshop. The advanced plug-ins will cost extra, but they also help to improve your workflow. When you buy the plug-ins and install them in your device, you need to have backups. With the help of this, you can avoid the risk of losing all of your plug-ins. You must have backups of the plug-ins and store them in a folder name plug-ins. After this, you can recover the same whenever you want. Always install the up to date version of plug-ins to avoid numerous issues.

  • Settings

If you are a photographer, then there are many things that you should back up. While backing up the data, you shouldn’t forget about settings. Well, Photoshop has several setting files that you should consider manually backing up. You should save the backup the data in a folder and give it the same name. It is easy to copy and paste all the files you want to back up. After this, you can easily import the settings when you install a new version of photoshop.

  • Actions

When you edit the photographs by doing a series of prerecorded tasks, then you can also have a backup of the same. These tasks are known as actions that help to automate repetitive editing jobs. With the help of this, you can save up your precious time while doing editing jobs. It is possible to export these actions and then recovers the same whenever you want.

After taking all these 4 Photoshop backups, you can avoid numerous problems. It also helps to speed up the photo-editing process and reduce the risk of losing your data as you have all the backups.


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