Understanding the Blockchain: How Crypto Currency Works

How Crypto Currency Works

Everyone’s heard of Crypto these days, with news articles and social media posts appearing everywhere discussing when is the best time to invest in or pull out of hundreds of different coins. It’s easy enough to get yourself started on a trading app and start throwing money all over the place, but when engaging in any sort of trading, the entire process is a lot safer and easier if you know what everything is and how it works.

If you’re looking to get in on some of the biggest coins at the moment, this guide shows you how to buy Solana, BitCoin and all your favourites with the extended knowledge of crypto that every trader should have before diving into the deep world of online currency.

What is Crypto Currency?

Crypto Currency is the more common name for decentralised, online-only currencies. Unlike regular currencies such as the US Dollar, Crypto are specifically designed to be backed by its users instead of being controlled by a state or country. Several countries globally have started to set up their own crypto currencies, but these are still far less regulated than those countries’ physical currencies.

These currencies are also generally traded Peer to Peer (P2P), meaning that transactions will usually be conducted between two private parties, often aided by a trading app or escrow service. This removes all the messing around and possible taxation that is associated with using regular currencies and bank accounts.


Crypto currency is generally generated through “mining”, which is where users dedicate processing resources towards solving complex algorithms in return for shares of the related coin. These algorithms are usually related to the security and general processing of the coin itself. For example, every time some SOL is traded, the transaction needs to be verified at both ends to ensure security for the users and the system itself. This verification is handled by individuals all over the globe who are rewarded with the currency in question.

Cloak and wallets

Two key features of crypto currencies which are equally perceived as both positive and negative features are anonymity and security. These features are also hugely intertwined with each other, as anonymity aids security and the security of crypto currencies relies on anonymity. Whether you set yourself up privately or through an app, you will have to store your crypto currency into a wallet, which is essentially a deeply encrypted folder stored online as part of the respective currency’s system.

Your wallet will come with a unique address for sending currency and a separate one for receiving currency. As long as you keep your main address to yourself and stored on a secure drive, there will be no way for anyone other than yourself to access this information, to the point where millions of dollars of currency have been lost over the years due to failing or lost hard drives containing unique wallet information.

The Blockchain

Every currency has at its core what is known as a Blockchain, which is in this case essentially a very modern way of saying “transaction history”. Blockchains are a method of storing data where space is divided into blocks which, when filled, will be added chronologically to the end of the chain of blocks.

This creates an extremely secure record of transactions which gives away no personal information except the public addressed for wallets used in transactions, and while this transaction history is available in full to anyone who wishes to peruse it, it is impossible to access anyone’s funds through this history.

Why is it worth so much money?

The worth of any currency is based on backing and interest. In this case, backing is anything behind the currency which can back up its worth. For regular currencies this will include gold stores and a nation’s GDP and interest is the general perception of how useful the currency is locally and globally. This is what makes the USD so strong, as the USA has massive stores of non-currency wealth and the dollar is used globally for trade.

Crypto on the other hand has no nation or natural material to back it – so why is it that a single BitCoin is worth the average yearly salary in many developed countries? Well, the truth is that regular currencies are only worth what they are because the people who use it also believe that it is worth using.

But what is it actually for?

It is always worth researching a coin’s use before investing, as this will have a direct impact on how much it is worth and how long-lasting its worth will be. For example, BitCoin and Etherium are the two most popular coins to use for anonymous trading through many sites (including PayPal and some forward-thinking businesses and banks) where Crypto is used for transactions instead of regular global currencies.

There are also much more focused currencies out there, such as app-specific currencies like Crypto.com coin, and SOL which is mainly used for Solana developers and customers to pay for services on the Solana platform. Due to the nature of the internet, there has also been an extreme rise in Meme Coins (such as DOGE and SHIB) which are essentially useless but gain their worth from how many people are in on the joke.

How can I get some of my own?

While it is very possible to purchase these coins directly from other users, this can often be a complicated and expensive process, with most opting to purchase and trade currencies through several freely available apps such as Coinbase or Crypto.com. These systems will set you up with a generic wallet capable of storing all your various currencies and allows direct trading and withdrawal from the app wallet.

5 Examples of Modern Tech That You Can Use to Upgrade Your Home

5 Examples of Modern Tech That You Can Use to Upgrade Your Home

As a homeowner, you have likely thought about ways in which you can improve your home. No matter how much decoration we do, it never feels like our homes never live up to what we imagined, which is partly because what we imagine is usually out of our budget.

The world of interior design has had a complete shift in the last couple of decades thanks to the introduction of technology that can be used in the home. If you have been stuck on ways that you can upgrade your home for a while, take a look at these 5 examples of modern tech that you can add to your house.

Heated Flooring

Heated flooring is one of those things that everyone wants, but everyone thinks is too expensive to get. You may be surprised to know that heated flooring is not even that expensive and if you find the right company to work with, you can ensure that all the hard flooring in your home is heated. Something that you may not know is that heated flooring can also increase the value of your home and according to several real estate services in Perth, having heated flooring in a property that you are selling can instantly attract a lot of potential buyers, so it is worth looking into.

Voice Controlled Lighting

This is another one of those features that we would all love to have in our home, but many of us thought it was too expensive. Voice-controlled lighting is quite old technology now, which means that it is extremely affordable. Having voice-controlled lighting in your home will give your house that wow factor that is bound to impress guests. It also means that you don’t have to get up to turn off your lights once you have already gotten comfortable.

Smart Fridge

This is a bit of tech which may seem unnecessary, but there is no doubting that it is very cool. A smart fridge allows you to see what is inside your fridge without even having to open it, which is useful if you are someone that has the habit of browsing for far too long. Once you run out of things, you can even ask your fridge to purchase more of that item, which is very useful for those of you with very busy schedules.

Door Camera

Something that you may have noticed recently is an increase indoor cameras. These were introduced to combat an increase in people stealing packages from front lawns. Door cameras are not only great for combatting potential crime, but they are useful for discovering whether you have missed parcels or if you have missed a guest. If you are someone that works a lot, this is also useful for checking on your family members and making sure that your loved ones are safe. Door cameras have become very useful for police investigations and you never know what you may pick up.

Google Home

This is another example of modernising your home with tech without breaking the bank. These days it is hard to come across a house that doesn’t use some sort of google device and what makes them so fantastic is the way they link up to your other devices. Have you ever had your hands full and remembered that you need to order something to your home? With the help of google home, you can simply speak out loud when you are going about your daily tasks and have something delivered to your home the very next day.

How to Run Basic Repairs on your Vape

If you are a vape owner, then you will be more than aware of just how temperamental they can be. For the most part, you don’t have to worry about having to do any repairs on your vape, but once you have knocked your vape once or burned your coil, you need to be able to figure out how to make repairs so that you aren’t just heading to a vape shop with any little problem that you may have.  

Once you learn how to do basic repairs, then you will be able to easily do it in the future when you need to. Here is how to run basic repairs on your vape. 


The Vape tank 

One of the most important parts of your vape is the tank, this is the place where you keep your e-liquid and if you use your vape for other purposes, it is likely where you keep your cbd flower. If you encounter a problem with your vape, it is most likely going to be related to your tank. Tanks can easily be damaged if you are careless or accidentally drop them. The tanks are stronger than you may think and they simply won’t crack or anything along those lines. Instead, it is likely that your tank will loosen, which means that you may experience leaks in your vape. 

If you want to tighten your vape tank, you will need to put your focus on the joints of the tank. If you see a gap between your tank and the rest of your vape, you can take a set of pliers and tighten the joints manually. You have to be sure not to tighten your joints too much as this could get in the way of the vaping process. When fixing your tank, make sure that the coil of your vape is properly fitted as it can become easily displaced, which will mean it wouldn’t work as well as you’d want.  


Check your coil resistance  

Something that a lot of people don’t realize when it comes to owning a vape is that your vape coils can have different resistance levels. For the most part, your resistance levels don’t really matter, but when it comes to matching up the right vape oil to your coil resistance you have to do it right. Different coils are suited to different types of e-liquids and if you don’t match yours upright, then you could easily run into coil burning which is what gives you that nasty taste when you inhale.  

If you have discovered that you are getting this nasty taste quite frequently. You should then look into changing your coil and once you have changed it, be sure that you are using the right vape juice to match up with your coil. You will be able to figure out your resistance as coils with a higher resistance tend to create much less smoke, so you can then pick a vape liquid that works with that coil. 

The Complete Techies Guide to Building your own PC

Building computers for a newbie can seem like an extremely long and complicated process. There are hundreds of parts that all go into making a computer and it takes a lot of money, time and effort to make a computer and as it is not an easy process, if you’re going to go on this journey then you’ll need to commit to finishing building it. There used to be debate around which is better PC or Laptop, and which laptop or PC is the best, but, some people got to the point where no laptop or PC was perfect for their needs and so decided to make their own to ensure it is perfect for them. Over time, there has become a bigger range of PCs available with different specifications, so it is much more likely now an already made PC will suit your needs. This means fewer people are building their own PCs, but some people are still choosing to build their own so they can customize them.


Why you should build your own PC?

There are plenty of reasons why building your own PC is great, not only is it a great project to focus on, making it a great hobby and something productive to work on, but it is also a functional project. You get to choose every single part of the specification, anything that you want on your PC can be there, you get to make every decision right down to the choice between the 0.030 and 0.035 flux core wire. Building your own PC gives you the freedom that you don’t have with pre-made PC’s, often it can even be cheaper. When buying the parts separately can allow you to save a whole bunch of cash, this is because you’re not having to pay wages and labor costs as you’re doing all the hard work yourself.

Just like with the specification where you have total freedom and flexibility, this is the same with the design. If you’re bored of the typical designs from a PC and want to mix it up a bit then this is the chance to do it.  Building your own computer will also allow you to brush up on your technical knowledge and you’ll have a much better understanding of how PC’s work, plus, it’ll be cheaper for you to upgrade your PC when it is time as you won’t have to buy a new one from scratch.


The things you’ll need to build a PC yourself

There are many components that go into making a PC, but we’ve rounded up all the most important items that you’ll need when you set off on this challenge. The first thing you’ll need to look into to find the perfect one to suit your PC is the motherboard, this is one of the most important components of building a PC as it connects all the other parts which allows them to communicate.

When choosing a motherboard you’ll want to make sure you know what processor you want and if you want an LGA or an AM processor. There are several different sizes of the motherboard, if you’re just starting out with building computers then we do recommend using the standard size. The next thing you’ll need is a decent CPU, this acts as the brain of the computer, it connects to the motherboard is easily the most important component. It will depend on what you’re using your PC for what CPU you’ll need, for example, if your use isn’t very CPU-intensive then you can get away with getting something like the AMD RYZEN 3 3200G 4-Core 3.6 GHz. If you’re wanting to play games you’ll need to get a graphics card, you need to think about your operating system, power supply, storage, and RAM.


Building your PC

Now that you have all of the parts for your PC, it’s time to start building it, we spoke to the best techies to find the best tips and tricks when it comes to putting all the pieces together. Firstly, you’ll need to find yourself a good workspace, it needs to be open and clean so you can lay out all of your components so you can see and find them for when you need them. The first step is that you need to install your CPU, you’ll need to use the thermal paste to set your processor, then you’ll need to set a heat sink directly on top of this. This is going to be the hardest part of the process, as the CPU is the most important thing, this requires you to be very precise so take your time with it as you don’t want to make any mistakes. As you have installed a heat sink, you’ll also need to add in a cooling fan to stop the processor from overheating.

Once you’ve done the first step you can relax a little bit as the worst part is done, the next step is to install your storage and your memory. Memory is the easiest thing to install, which is a nice easy step after completing the hardest one. Following this, you need to install your motherboard, graphics card, and ribbon cables. Once this is done it’s time to boot up your newly made PC and once you’ve installed windows then you’re done.

Data Protection: 8 Tips to Improve your Digital Privacy

These days we all spend a lot of time online. Spending time online means that we are opening ourselves up to a fantastic world of possibilities, but it also means that we are opening ourselves up to a lot of risks. The biggest thing that is at risk when you go online is your data. You may not realize it, but when you go on websites or join social media platforms, you are essentially handing over your data. Though for the most part, your data is completely safe, you do lose a lot of your own privacy.

There are ways in which you can improve your digital privacy and here are some of the ways that you can.


What is Digital Privacy

Though you may have heard the term before, you may not know what digital privacy really is. Digital privacy is when you can freely use the internet without compromising any of your information.

The main part about digital privacy is being able to choose what you share online. Everyone has their own level of comfort when it comes to disclosing online data and digital privacy means that they can choose their point of comfort and operate only using this point of comfort.

A lot of social media platforms or similar websites ask for in-depth information about your data and you may not know this, but this goes against your right to digital privacy. Even if the social media platforms insist that your data is safe, this is not always the case.

The Data Protection Act

In the last few years, the government introduced something known as the data protection act. The data protection act basically means that any data that can link back to a living being must be protected.  This means that everyone that has access to your personal data must follow strict rules in order to keep your data safe. If the people who have access to your data fail to keep your information safe, then they could face some very serious consequences as a result.

Keeping Your Passwords Safe

One of the best ways that you can ensure that your data is protected is by making sure that all of your data is password protected. A common misconception is that once your data is password-protected, it is completely safe. This of course is not the case and many people forget that people can access their passwords just as easily as they can access their online accounts.

VPNs and How to Use Them

A great technique that people are using in order to protect their data is using VPNs when browsing the internet. Using a VPN means that you can keep your data private and you can even spoof your location, so nobody will be able to pinpoint you on the map. If this is something that sounds appealing to you, be sure to check out pinpointvpn’s top 10 vpn list and pick out one that will cater to your needs.

Avoiding Viruses

Another way that you can keep your data private is by avoiding viruses. Many people believe that viruses just damage your computer. This is not the case and a lot of people that create dangerous viruses do it so that they can gain access to any of the data that someone may store on their computer. By accessing your data, they can access your private accounts and even your banking apps, so be sure to avoid viruses as much as you possibly can.

Don’t share any personal information

This may seem straightforward, but a lot of people seem to forget that the best way to keep your personal data safe is by not sharing it with anyone. You may be tempted to use the convenience of social media to share important data with your friends, but you have to remember that these sites are not fully protected, so you are only putting yourself at risk.

If you want to share any data with friends, it is better to do it in person as this means that you won’t have a digital trace of any of your personal information.

Never save your bank details

Another thing that you may be tempted to do when you online is save your bank details on websites that you use commonly. Though this may seem convenient, it is also very dangerous. You cannot completely trust the security of the websites that you are using and so it is easy for your data to be stolen in the case that the website is hacked or there is a share of personal data. Putting that extra time into inputting your data every time you need to will mean that you have much more safety.

Always check what you are agreeing to

Once again, as humans, it is a very common habit to try and avoid wasting time when browsing the internet and so we are quick to agree to things, even if we do not properly read what we are agreeing to. We are often handing over our data without even realizing it, which means that companies have access to all of our private information and you do not even know about it. This is a very common mistake and it is one that we should try to avoid when we can as we are giving away our data without receiving anything in return.

Understanding Vaccines: How are They Produced?

This year has been a groundbreaking year for so many different aspects of scientific breakthroughs. Many new processes have been developed from creating new vaccines to cosmetic developments such as the microcannulas method which allows fillers to be performed without sharp needles.

For those of you who don’t know most of the complications related to having fillers is due to the sharpness of the needle so this development will make receiving filler much safer. We’re going to discuss vaccines and the latest breakthrough but you can read more about the microcannula technique here if you’re interested in this too. Vaccines have been around for a very long time, the very first vaccine was created hundreds of years ago in 1796 by a man named Edward Jenner.

He developed a vaccine to try and help the fight against cowpox and smallpox which were both common diseases at the time, the first-ever vaccine on record was administered in Berkeley, England by Edward Jenner. Vaccines have come a long way since 1796 and have helped to eliminate many deadly diseases from the human population, scientists are always working on new vaccines for diseases that don’t yet have a cure. Many people have been trying to get a deeper understanding of how vaccines work and how they’re produced after a vaccine was found for the coronavirus in record time, vaccines usually take years to get approval but within a year a vaccine has been improved. We’re going to explain all the basics you need to know about vaccinations.


How do they work?

Vaccines work by triggering a response from your immune system. If you suffer from any illness then your body’s immune system works hard to fight off any attacking bacteria to prevent any serious harm from coming to you.

Once your body has fought off an illness there are memory cells within the immune system which means if the same bacteria attacks again they’ll be able to fight it off much quicker. Vaccines work by injecting a weakened or dead form of bacteria into you, this causes the immune system to respond without you getting sick. Then if your body does get attacked by an alive version of the virus your immune system will already know how to fight off the attackers. This is the basic concept of how a vaccine works and how it leads to immunity.


How are they produced?

Vaccines have to go through rigorous testing before they can be stamped with approval and administered. There are many phases this testing must go through, the journey starts with a pre-clinical phase where scientists determine which antigen should be used to provoke a response from your immune system. This is then tested on animals and if there is an immune response the testing will continue to the next phase which is testing on humans, this happens in three phases.

The first phase usually involves testing on young, healthy, and fit volunteers to see what the optimal dosage is, if it provokes a response in humans as well as animals and if there are any harmful side effects. If it’s deemed safe following this then it moves on to phase 2 which will increase the number of volunteers being tested on and include volunteers from the group that the vaccine is being developed for.

Finally, if it passes phase 2 then phase 3 expands testing from hundreds of volunteers to thousands. Phase 3 also usually has volunteers from more than one country and many areas within a country to check it is safe for all. It usually takes around 10 years for a vaccine to be approved.

From Games to Guides: The Best Apps To Download in 2021

After 2020 being the year of lockdowns smartphones have become the main source of entertainment for many people. They’ve become a lifeline for millions of people during the pandemic and with the pandemic not looking like it’s coming to an end anytime soon lockdowns will most likely carry on into 2021. To make 2021 more enjoyable during the lockdowns a good thing to consider is what apps will help you have fun during this lockdown. They’re capable of so much to make your quarantined days better, they have social media apps that will allow you to keep in contact with friends and family, there are graphic design apps, work-related apps such as word, editing apps, games, etc. Finding helpful or enjoyable apps can be difficult so we’ve compiled a list of apps that you might want to download.

Air BnB

Air BnB would be a great app to download for 2021 as after 2020 was a year of not being able to travel. After missing out on a year of traveling and adventures you’ll want to make up for this in 2021. Air BnB allows people to provide their extra rooms/homes as holiday homes for other people. They rent these spaces out and many of them are incredible and at a good price too. By using air BnB to book your next holidays you’ll be able to travel for longer and visit more places for the same price. Even if travel isn’t possible during 2021 then air BnB is still a great app to download to kill time dreaming about the places you want to visit when the pandemic is finally over.

Lilith Games

Farlight 84 is a game produced by Lilith games. It’s a shooter game that is set in an apocalyptic wasteland and is a thrilling combat game. There are various characters that you can play as, if you’re an animal lover in real life then you can play as a veterinarian or if that doesn’t appeal to you there’s a weapons engineer among many other characters. Lilith games also have many other game apps that would be great to download, we rank their game AFK arena as the best app of theirs to download in 2021 because LilithGames just changed the way to redeem AFK Arena giftcodes making it much more effective. Their games are available as apps to download on both the android app store and the apple app store.


Netflix is a movie and tv series streaming service. The app is free to download but requires a monthly subscription to access the content on the app. It’s a highly rated app, it’s cheaper than paying for satellite tv and has many more options of what to watch as every month some shows and movies are taken down and replaced with new content. Another positive to downloading Netflix is if you’re sick of all the adverts you have to watch when watching tv, you can avoid this on Netflix as it’s commercial-free. It also works on almost every platform smartphones, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. Everyone’s favorite Netflix feature that will likely make you make the switch is that the Netflix algorithm learns what shows you like and uses this information to recommend new shows and movies to you so you’ll never struggle to figure out what to watch.


Duolingo is a languages app that offers over 30 different languages for the user to choose from to learn from widely spoken languages like Spanish to less spoken languages like Finnish. This game has grown in popularity over the last year as many people had much more spare time and used it to try and develop a new skill. If you missed the original hype in recent years then 2021 is the time for you to download the app, it’s never too late to learn a new skill. Duolingo makes learning languages fun and simple, you create a profile and set your weekly goals and then the app does the rest for you. The lessons are fun and involve lots of different activities to help you learn about a variety of topics e.g. simple phrases and it helps you to learn to speak, reading, and listening in your chosen language.